Celebrating our Arbor Ridge Healthcare Heroes!

We are proud to have all our Healthcare Heroes who work here, be a part of our Arbor Ridge family! Thank you for all you do.

Dinner with Community Health Partners at Rail’s Steakhouse

Recently, team members from our Arbor Ridge and Oakland Rehabilitation & Healthcare Centers had a wonderful night connecting with community health partners at Rail’s Steakhouse in Towaco, NJ.

Arbor Ridge and Oakland Rehab’s Holiday Party!

We recently had a wonderful time with our sister center Oakland Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center celebrating our staff within each of our centers at The Brownstone. Thank you to all our team members for all you do each day for our patients, residents, and their families.

A Sticky Snack Situation for our Health Elf

A certain little Health Elf had the munchies… but got a little stuck on the way! Those Cheez-Its were just too delicious to ignore!

Hospital Visits with Quinn the Elf and Mr. Benny the Mensch

Our Health Elf Quinn and Mensch Mr. Benny had fun visiting hospitals and spreading the holiday cheer with our liaison Stacy Harris and Specialty Program Director John Sung.

A Holiday Assistant Maintenance Director!

Our Health Elf has been promoted to Assistant Maintenance Director for the day! Do your best, gents!

Health Elf Helping out with Insurances in the Community

Our little Health Elf is doing his best not to get into too much trouble while helping with insurances at our local community health partner.

Helping at the Business Office with the Health Elf and Mensch

Our Health Elf and Mensch were also with our business office manager paying a bill.

The Mensch and the Health Elf Help with Social Work

This morning our Health Elf and Mensch was spotted helping our social worker during morning meeting…. so far, they are staying out of trouble.

The Health Elf is Ready to Meet Riverside Medical Group!

Today our Health Elf is excited to be helping to set up a meeting with Riverside Medical Group.

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