Case Studies

Pulmonary Rehab Case Study

56 years old female, Patient of admitted to Arbor Ridge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center from Engelwood Hospital Following VATS and Wedge Resection Surgery. Patient has recent history of Acute Respiratory Failure and COPD and Anxiety.

Nursing Interventions

Medication Management: Bronchodilitation Medications, Anti-Anxiety Medications
Wound Healing: Right Chest wall dressing
Monitor for Signs and Symptoms of Infection: Vitals Q shift
Pacing and Endurance with all activities

Respiratory Interventions

Maintain Adequate Oxygenation-Assess continued need upon Discharge, Bronchodilation, DB&C Exercises and continued Smoking Cessation Education

Initial Oxygen Settings 5 Liters Oxygen and had been requiring high flow in hospital prior to coming. Throughout stay, patient oxygen weaned to 3 lpm continuous via nasal cannula and set up with Lincare DME for continued use at home. She is using Breo for maintenance and a nebulizer with Duoneb QID. Incentive Spirometry for Deep Breathing exercises used independently for atelectasis and pneumonia prevention.


Upon admission, Patient required moderate assistance with all self-care tasks and was able to ambulate 30 feet with a roller walker, mod assist. She was receiving occupational and physical therapy for 5 times a week for 2 weeks. Upon discharge, she was independent with all self-care tasks, able to ambulate 175 feet with a rolling walker and ascend/descend 1-2 flights of stairs with Bilateral Hand-Rails.

Patient returned home alone, with assistance from a very supportive sister, after 14 days LOS in STR. She will follow up with PCP, Dr. Mary Bergen, With Valley Community Health in the community.

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