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We are Proud to be American Heart Association Heart Failure Certified

Here at Arbor Ridge Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, we are proud to be an American Heart Association Heart Failure Certified Skilled Nursing Center and eager to provide qualitative cardiac rehabilitation for those entrusted within our care.

What are the benefits of the American Heart Failure Certification for patients?

The Heart Failure certification from the American Heart Association (AHA) recognizes hospitals and healthcare facilities that provide high-quality care for patients with heart failure. The accreditation helps patients identify facilities that follow the latest evidence-based cardiology guidelines and standards for heart failure care. This helps ensure coordination of pre-admission, during treatment, and post-discharge follow-up care.
Patients and families have additional assurance that the skilled nursing facility is recognized by the AHA based on professional evaluation criteria developed by heart health and skilled nursing experts.

What is the Skilled Nursing Facility Heart Failure Certification Eligibility Criteria?

This certification provides a framework for evaluating skilled nursing facilities against the American Heart Association® evidence-based guidelines for heart failure patients. A center that has received certification provides validation that a facility has followed the American Heart Association requirements.
To receive this certification a Skilled Nursing Facility must demonstrate that their heart failure program:

Does every Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home) go through certification to provide cardiac care?

Not every skilled nursing facility (SNF) goes through certification to provide cardiac care. However, our facility has chosen to opt for certification from the American Heart Association to demonstrate our quality and standards of care for patients with cardiovascular disease and other heart related conditions.
To learn more about our heart failure program or other cardiac care services we provide, please visit our Cardiopulmonary Care page.

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