“My experience at Arbor Ridge was great! I’m doing so much better because of everyone here. I am grateful for your rehab and definitely glad I came here. Alexandra has amazing bedside manner and is attentive to anything I need. Trish has gone to bat with me several times and she is so gentle. They were always making sure I was eating and okay at all times. Your rehab is and was the only alternative for me rather than going home and I am so happy I made the decision to come here.”

– Felica Aharon

“My rehab experience was great! I am happy to be going home stronger than when I came here. Everyone who helped me was amazing. I can’t thank the team at Arbor Ridge enough!”

– Thomas Cox

“I was dealing with a lot of issues and knew I needed to go to a rehab center. My wife researched many options and we chose Arbor Ridge because of their five star reviews and ratings. The rehab team was amazing! They taught me how to use a walker and wheelchair, giving me the confidence I needed to return home. Arbor Ridge helped me get better and gave me confidence to return home! Thank you to Ed, my aide, who was a great help and was always there when I needed him!”

– Michael Rembish

“My Mom had a stroke, and was in an acute hospital in NYC. She came here because it close to me, and Arbor Ridge had 5 star reviews and ratings. My Mom was a nurse before she retired and I was looking for a place that had good nursing care and that’s exactly what Arbor Ridge has. They have the best rehab team, and they really pushed Mom to get better! All the staff were incredible. Grace, Kenny, Lisa, Hiromi, Shari and Nita, Venus in PT, Jay in PT and Kim from speech were all truly amazing! Mom is so much better and stronger, she can now finally move back to Hawaii!”

– Elizabeth Odonnell

“I had a very bad case of pneumonia and asthma, and I ended up at Arbor Ridge because they had amazing google reviews and 5 star ratings. My sister came to check it out and Aaron was kind enough to meet with her. Arbor Ridge has an amazing team, from start to finish. Everyone here really cares and it shows! Cleo and Shari were wonderful, and Kim from speech is amazing!”

– Raquel Nunez

“I felt like a queen in a 5-star hotel! I needed rehab after being hospitalized with septic shock. Originally, I was going to go to a facility near my house. However, my family did some research and found Arbor Ridge. I was so happy to hear you are 5 star rated and have great Google reviews! Your rehab team taught me a lot especially, little things I can do to manage my breathing. Every single person treated me with kindness and was very polite, even my roommate. My husband also said everyone was so nice! Grace from activities was amazing! There was so much to do, my favorite things to do were Samba, bingo, and gardening. Thank you for treating me like a queen and helping me with my overall function!”

– Theresa Savino

“I feel like a new person! I came to this facility to get rehabilitation because I had a heart operation. I have to give many thanks to the staff that work in this rehabilitation. I am very happy I am in this place because when I came here I was almost dead. But thanks to the care of these beautiful people, now I am going home very happy and restored throughout my whole body. A special thank you to my great, great Grace. I am able to leave because I feel like a new person.”

– Edgar Lopez

“My Mom was admitted to the hospital with acquired pneumonia of left lower lobe of lung, altered mental status and fatigue. We chose Arbor Ridge Rehab since we have been with Arbor Ridge in the past and they are a great facility. Sam, our night nurse, was fabulous. Kim from speech therapy was so good and knowledgeable. Sincerely,”

– Kim, Daughter of Joan Skeens

“Our Nurse was Fabulous! My mom was was recently hospitalized with pneumonia and suffered from fatigue. We have been with Arbor Ridge in the past and they are a great facility. Sam, our night nurse, was fabulous. Kim from speech therapy was so good and knowledgeable.”

– Joan Skeens

“I can’t express how happy I am with all of the staff here! My Mom had a displaced intertrochanteric fracture of her right femur. Arbor Ridge was in network with her insurance. Knowing we had an HMO plan, I was scared we were going to get sent home from the insurance quickly and that’s exactly what happened. But Arbor Ridge has the best rehab team, and they pushed and pushed Mom to get better and she is home walking again! The rehab team got her to get up and walk. They were top notch in my option. Joel her aide was fantastic, and her nurse Trish was also great.”

– Rita VanHook

“I got the best rehab at Arbor Ridge! I was in the hospital because I had fractured my leg. I needed to go to a rehab center before I went home for treatment. I chose Arbor Ridge upon my friend’s recommendation, and I am glad I did. I was able to get strong again so I could go home. Everyone here went out of her way to help me in any way they could!! I love you all.”

– Socorro Arias

“I felt compelled to write you this email regarding one of your CNA employees “Lucia Ramirez” who works on the 2nd floor. While my mother-in-law (Shirley Klein) was at your facility from 3/9/23-3/24/23, Lucia went above her normal job responsibilities. Lucia was consistent with getting my mother-in-law out of bed every morning into a wheelchair, getting her changed, showered, checking in on her throughout the day and getting her changed again at bedtime. Lucia is an exemplary employee who is very passionate about her job. She is caring, considerate, respectful and has a ton of empathy. My mother-in-law has been in and out of the hospital and rehabs over the years and no one stands out like Lucia. I just wanted you to know what a GREAT employee LUCIA RAMIREZ is!”

– Cedric Richardson

“I needed rehab after my below the knee amputation. It was the best facility in Wayne I googled. This place is like a 5-star Marriot. I picked Arbor Ridge because of the reputation they have and I was so lucky they accepted my insurance and it was close to my house. I am a newer leg amputee and they have furthered my attempt to get my prothesis and helped me learn to move around without a leg. I’m on my way to recovery because of Arbor Ridge. Grace from activities makes my everyday experience better and better. My aide Francis ALWAYS opens my door with a smile.”

– John Crawley

“My mom broke her femur and had surgery. We know nurse practitioner John Ahn and he recommended Arbor Ridge, especially the Korean unit. Arbor Ridge provided comfort to my mom as she recovered from surgery, and helped her family learn ways to better care for her needs after discharge. Nurse Lee and Nurse Park provided outstanding care to my mom, with patience and support. Our family is grateful to both of them. My mom was comfortable because of the Korean speaking staff and Korean food. She received excellent care from all staff as well. Arbor Ridge was a very good experience with excellent care!”

– Kyung Ah Lee – daughter of Ae Lee, patient

“I forgot to take my medicine and ended up in the hospital. I have a lot of heart issues and was very weak. Arbor Ridge has helped me get home, see my friends and be independent again. My nurse, Jeff, is the most helpful nurse I have ever met!!”

– Elizabeth Zagari

“I fell at home and went to Chilton. They didn’t admit me, but the lovely nurse told me about this Urgent SNF program at Arbor Ridge. Within 24 hours I was here getting the help I needed. I chose Arbor Ridge because of the Urgent SNF program. I needed to regain strength with rehab. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. The physical therapy department has been excellent. Mike from physical therapy really shined. Ugochi and Brittany made this such an easy process for me to get here.”

– James Doland

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