Chronic Illness Support Program

Under the direction of leading area specialists, our Chronic Illness Support Program aims to offer resources, education, and support in the coordination of the healthcare of patients with chronic or terminal conditions.

Our proactive efforts, inclusive of an organized set of interventions, are focused on the needs of a chronically ill and compromised patient population.

Patients supported in our Chronic Illness Support Program may benefit from:


Our program is under the direction of our Medical Staff:

Dr. Paul Krisa Medical Director
Subacute Medical Director Dr. Waleed Lashin
Dr. Sung Wook (David) Sun Korean Program Medical Director
Dr. Dongsoo Kim Psychologist
Dr. Dhirendra Das Cardiac Program Director
Dr. Magdy Wahba Pulmonary Program Director
Cristina Gonzaga, APN-BC Palliative Care

Cristina specializes in disease education and management.

Pastor Duk Jin “DJ” Kim Chaplain

Chaplain Kim is the pastoral care lead for VITAS Healthcare. He is on hand to provide comfort through counseling and spiritual guidance to our critically ill residents and their families.

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